Romeo Y Julieta Petit Corona

romeo y julieta petit corona cuban cigar


Vitola de Galera:  Mareva
Vitola de Salida:  Petit Corona
Shape: Parejo
Body: Square
Dimensions:  42 RG 5 1/8 inches
Vintage:  March 2012 / OGA
Age When Tasted:  3 yrs 7 months



Strength: 8
Color:   Colorado
Draw:  Excellent
Progression:  Builds to crescendo
Finish:  Long, persistent
Smoking duration:  1 1/2 hours



Pre-Light: Leather, spice, patchouli, floral overtones, musk
First Third: 
Spice, clove and cinnamon
Second Third:  Leather, chocolate, spice musk, floral
Last Third: 
Prickly spice, tanned leather, expresso



Spice, leather, musk, tang–super full and all encompasing.



I like to enjoy this vitola with a smoky mescal in the winter to complement it’s masculine side, or a fresh and fruity Riesling in in the summer months–the perfect complement to its sensitive side.



Remember Aramis cologne?  Classic 60’s / 70’s fragrance.

Smells like a strap of well worn leather  rubbed liberally with patchouli oil laying in a flower garden.

Macho, but…with a sensitive side.

I get that from the pre-light aroma of this Romeo Y Julieta Petit Corona.

Musk, espresso and leather core notes cloaked in delicate florals and perfume.

Its silky, minimally veined wrapper feels really nice in the mouth–soft and plush yet not too much so.  Just the right amount of rigidity. I also really like the deep colorado tone of the oily wrapper.

Nice dry-draw and it lights perfectly.

As I get in to the cigar, maybe a quarter of  an inch, the male / female /  yin / yang thing continues, but some spice, clove and cinnamon make an appearance, and a little tanginess?  It’s subtle but there.

I don’t smoke a lot of Romeo Y Julieta’s, so I don’t know if this beauty and the beast character is common, but I like it.  I mostly just smoke the RYJ Cazadores, a robust, powerhouse of an outdoor cigar when I am bird hunting in the fall.  I like to hold that one in my mouth and puff away quite inelegantly as I make my way through the brambles following my dog.  It is has real, unbridled power. The Cazadores is like a fine, hand-crafted shotgun–it gets better and better with age, but don’t forget…it can blow your head off.

I am liking the Romeo Y Julieta Petit Corona more and more as I get through the mid point. I expected some unruliness  based on the initial aroma, but the flavors are in suprising harmony– nothing predominant is standing out.  Everything works really well together.

Aging wise, this cigar is already pretty good at 3 years of age–but I am sure it can improve, with more time in the box, but I’d characterize it is really accessible at relatively young age. I can imagine that it will start to become even more elegant and refined as each year goes by.

As I get in to the last third, the tanginess pops out a bit more, with a prickly edge to it–but it’s not uncomfortable. No unpleasant bitterness or heat.  I get the sense that this cigar might turn against the smoker if drawn on too quickly, so an even cadence of draws is crucial when enjoying it.

I stop right above the band.


Mareva’s are my go to-cigar for most occasions, due to the broad spectrum of choices available, their time to smoke, their comfortable size, and the fact that many of the brands I smoke have one in their portfolio.

I think this one would fit nicely in to any rotation.

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