Juan Lopez Petit Corona

juan lopez petit corona cuban cigar


Vitola de Galera:  Mareva
Vitola de Salida:  Petit Corona
Shape: Parejo
Body: Square / Box Pressed
Dimensions:  42 RG /  5 1/8 inches
Presentation: Dress Box / 25’s
Vintage:  June 2011 / SRE
Age When Tasted:  3 yrs, 10 months

I first tasted a Juan Lopez Petit Corona at the Casa Del Habano in Puerto Vallarta Mexico with a dark Cuban rum on a hot and steamy October afternoon.  I enjoyed it immensely and I really marveled at how wonderfully it paired with the dark rum.  I spent quite a bit of time with the proprietor discussing our mutual fondness for the mareva vitola–I don’t meet many smokers that share my passion for this particular format.

This afternoon, I brewed up a stout double espresso, sweetened with ample amounts of sugar and searched for the perfect vitola to enjoy with it.  I landed on the Juan Lopez Petit Corona quite simply because this cigar really goes well with dark, sweet and flavorsome beverages because its flavors are the exact opposite of dark and sweet.

The vitola I chose was is from a box from 2011 and is almost 4 years old.  The aroma out of the box before lighting is all cinnamon, light spice, florals and sun bleached leather.  The draw is perfect.

Nice, oily, lightly veined wrapper the color of walnut.  I love how the gold and red band contrasts with it.  Classic and regal–especially with the gold crown in the logo.  The body is firm and taught and the edges of the box pressing feel comfortable between my fingers.

The Juan Lopez brand has been around since 1870, but now only offers 3 regular production cigars which include the Petit Corona, No 1.  (Corona Gorda) and the No. 2 (Hermoso No. 4)–all excellent cigars.  The brand has released many limited edition regional production cigars over the years and I’ve had the opportunity to taste many of them and have loved every one.  Most have a very similar taste profile, offering medium bodied, well balanced flavors.

After toasting the end of this cigar and lighting it I immediately get more cinnamon and light spice.  A sip of sweet espresso is the perfect marriage.  It’s pretty wild but the heavy cinnamon note in this cigar is drawing out a similar note in the espresso–something I would not have probably noticed had it not been paired with this cigar.

Moving along very nicely.  The air outside is starting to get a faint chill in it, and the cigar-coffee combination feels warming and comforting.

Midway through, cinnamon and spice give way to toffee, caramel and…coffee notes. Not surprising, really.   There is also a faint creamy smoothness that rounds out the flavors beautifully.

As I get closer to the band, the burn is very even and consistent–no finger roll needed to even it out.  A slight tanginess emerges with absolutely no heat.  Spice picks up a bit.

Damn fine cigar.



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