Partagas Shorts

partagas shorts cuban cigar


Vitola de Galera:  Minuto
Vitola de Salida:  Shorts
Shape: Parejo
Body: Round
Dimensions:  42 RG /  4 3/8 inches
Presentation: Slide lid box / Cabinet of 50
Vintage:  November 2010 / ENE
Age When Tasted:  5 yrs, 4 months


My love affair with the Partagas brand began after my first taste of a Lusitanias about 10 years ago.  I got my hands on an aged cabinet of 50 and was completely blown away by the complexity of that vitola.

The 8-9-8 Cabinet Selection Varnished then became a favorite on bird hunting trips in the late fall–savored with a glass of good bourbon while sitting with Bourbon, my old bird dog on the tailgate.

Since then, the Shorts is the Partagas I reach for the most.  It’s my favorite morning cigar, enjoyed with a double shot of espresso while sitting outside in the sun.

It has that full, rich flavor that is so classic and you can enjoy it in about 30 minutes or so.


This particular cigar is from a 5 yr old cabinet of 50 (always go for the cab of 50 if you can get them) and has a beautiful mahogany brown wrapper with subtle veins and a lovely smooth cap.

The foot smells of leather, spice, musk, and toasted almonds–with a very pronounced tanginess  that really lingers in the nostrils and makes my taste buds water.  Reminds me a lot of the 8-9-8.

These vitolas are always densely packed and feel substantive, despite their small size. They feel tensed and ready.  Like a lightweight boxer poised to deliver a solid punch–feet firmly planted.

Once lit, soil and earth mingle with musk and leather and the smoke that fills my mouth is super satisfying.

The Shorts are a masterfully blended cigar. It’s not easy to create such a small cigar that delivers the a full dose of rich ligero without blowing out your tastebuds.

They are also incredibly consistent, delivering the same satisfying and filling experience every time.

I love the fact they are relatively easy to find, well priced, and served up in cabinets of 50 which means I always have one on hand when the right moment comes along.


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