Fonseca Cosacos

Fonseca Cosacos Cuban Cigar

Vitola de Galera:  Cosacos
Vitola de Salida:  Cosacos
Shape: Parejo
Body: Square
Dimensions:  42 RG /  5 3/8 inches
Presentation: Dress Box 25
Vintage:  May 2012, BMU
Age When Tasted:  3 yrs, 8 months



Strength: 4
Rough, veined
Color:   Colorado Maduro
Draw:  Good
Progression:  2 phases
Finish:  Persistent, dry
Smoking duration:  1 hour



Bitter chocolate, toasted nuts, earth, mushrooms, dry wood
First Third:
Chocolate, dried soil, dried tobacco, bittersweet
Second Third:  Spice (cardamon)…brazil nut? Or maybe un-toasted hazelnut? 
Last Third:
More spice, nut, bitter chocolate, cacao


Chocolate, soil, spice, a bit of leather, nuts, bark dried grass, dried soil, barnyard.


Being medium in strength and rather rustic, I paired this vitola with its equal–an espresso with a medium roast.  I ended up adding a touch of cream because of the straightforwardness of this particular cigar–it was almost a bit too much with the coffee.  Next time I’ll go for a latte.


My first Fonseca.

I’ve always been attracted to Fonseca’s packaging.  The delicate rice paper wrapper looks elegant, refined, and there is a bit of mystery about them because you can’t see the cigar until you remove the paper.

What lies beneath?


When I finally took the plunge and removed the paper from this particular vitola,  I was surprised  to find that it revealed a very rustic looking cigar!  Made me think of a butler removing his white gloves and showing me his weathered, wrinkled hands underneath. 

A bit of a disconnect.

Overall, the smoking experience was pretty linear.  The aromas and flavors were direct–and the smoking experience lacked nuances.

While I did enjoy this cigar, I have to honestly say that I didn’t find anything particularly special about it.  It didn’t really evolve much, and I don’t think additional aging will do much to improve it.

That said, it was well made, well constructed, (albeit the wrapper was a tad too rustic for my taste), and it burned very well.  Quality materials.

And that rice paper…

It already has me thinking about what lies underneath the next one.

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